About the Sustainable Schools Project

The Sustainable Schools Project is a program of Shelburne Farms located in Shelburne, Vermont.  We work with schools around the world and in our own backyard.

The Sustainable Schools Project works with schools to cultivate responsible, informed citizens, engaged in building sustainable communities.  

With sustainability integrated into their curricula, students learn and apply their understanding in ways that build a sense of agency and care. Their actions result in improvements in the quality of life for themselves, their schools, and their communities.  We believe that civic engagement and a service learning experience are important components of a 21st century education.

 Our goal is to help schools educate citizens who are engaged in building sustainable communities.

 The SSP Vision.

By introducing sustainability as a connecting theme, SSP helps:

  • discover students’ potential as citizens and learners;
  • renew teachers’ vitality and coherence in their curriculum;
  • create a space for community engagement within the school.
  • inspire communities to improve the quality of life for everyone.

In a sustainable school, the campus and community are extensions of the classroom. Every aspect of school and community life—the way decisions are made, the way energy is used, the origins of its food—is an opportunity to teach.  Students are challenged to apply what they learn by improving the well-being of their own school and community.

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