What We Do

The Sustainable Schools Project is a dynamic model for school improvement and civic engagement.

We help schools use sustainability as an integrating context for curriculum, community partnerships, and campus practices. 

Professional Development: We work with individual teachers, teams of teachers, or entire schools and districts.  SSP and Shelburne Farms offer a series of institutes, workshops, year-long programs as well as tailor made offerings for your school or organization.  Please visit the Shelburne Farms website for more information on some of our professional development programs.

You can also access our Menu of Services for Sustainable Schools Project.

Resources:  We share our work freely, including units of study, lesson plans, teaching materials and evaluation tools many of which can be found on this website.  Some of our materials are for sale such as the Healthy Neighborhoods/Healthy Kids Guide.

Network:  We are part of local, national, and international networks and can help you tap into resources in your own community or across the globe.

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