Educator Reflections

The Living Machine

An Interview with Betsy Patrick, 
with Susan Bonthron, Vermont Community Works–SSP documentation partner

Reflections on a Driving Question by Brent Sclafani

Brent reflects on the challenges of keeping an on-going program relevant and authentic for students from year to year.

EFS: Striving for Civic Engagement by Erica Zimmerman

An approach to Education for Sustainability SSP has developed with our partners.

An Interview with Students at Champlain Elementary School

“It’s a different type of learning. You can learn reading, math, social studies or science, but if you’re learning to better your community... we should learn about these things because if we don’t respect this, our environment could be gone."

Lessons in Service-Learning: After School Programming

After School programs can be a great place to develop education for sustainability and service-learning projects to enrich the curriculum.

Skydiving into Sustainability: Reshaping the culture in a school to improve a community today and into the future

Jen shares her thoughts on EFS and the Shelburne Farms program Healthy Neighborhoods/Healthy Kids.

Reflections on Teaching for Sustainability by Tre McCarney

After several lessons preparing a group of third and fourth grade students for the long awaited adventure in their schoolyard, I peer out the window and am greeted by a freshly fallen blanket of snow.

Pat Fitzgerald Talks About “Healthy Neighborhoods, Healthy Kids "

An Interview with Pat Fitzgerald of Champlain Elementary School.

Making a Difference in Our Lives and Community

A reflection by former staff of VT Forum on Sprawl SSP's partner in the development of the Healthy Neighborhoods/Healthy Kids project.

Life-Changing Experiences at 20 Below by Jen Cirillo

In this reflection, Jen ponders how her own educational experiences helped her understand the broad a perspective we need to “take learning beyond the personal” and teach others about sustainability.
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